Our Philosophy

We believe in Evidence-Based Investing (EBI). EBI is a systematic and disciplined approach to investment management that objectively uses empirical data and financial science to optimise investment outcomes for clients. We are fully aware that the future is unknowable, and recognise that it is meaningless to forecast what could or may happen.

Our Approach

In an ever-expanding world of data, meaningful conclusions can be difficult to reach. Well documented, recurring behavioral errors drive irrational actions in financial markets-behaviors that are often contrary to investor's best interests. Structural challenges also limit market efficiency. Together, these factors create mispricing on a global scale.

Investment Solutions

We provide investment products and solutions to our clients across the world. Our breadth of investment capabilities is extensive and among the most innovative within the market.

Who we are

Pacific Investments (China) Ltd., is an independent investment firm headquartered in Hong Kong providing capital pursuing visionary ideas through unparalleled, deep-dive research into Asian, European, Middle-Eastern and American markets...

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We deliver tailored client solutions around the world