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About Us

Since the conceptualization and birth of Pacific Pacific Investments (China) Ltd., it's efforts have been focused on becoming a leading Asian and Regional investments and capital asset manager, bridging local knowledge with extensive and exhaustive global expertise. The Company's journey over the previous years has been a story of strategic evolution, diversified investment portfolios and maturity growth during a period of global economic challenges.

While the market for the asset management industry continues to be volatile, Pacific Investments is committed to achieving the highest standards of compliance. Our strategy will continue to be driven by the pillars outlined in our approach, to provide sustainable financial security for pensioners and their families, while supporting the Asian region's sustainable strategy for economic growth.

Our philosophy is built on the following foundation:

** A firm belief in active management
** Fundamental bottom-up analysis of all investment opportunities
** Thematic investing
** Prudent risk management
** Continuous monitoring of the macro environment and its impact on expected risk and returns across all asset classes to ensure client portfolio construction has highest probability of meeting their objectives

Risk management is an integral part of our investment process and a critical component of the way we analyze investment opportunities. We start with risk management in mind, as having a prudent and thoughtful approach to the different potential risks within an investment adds to the resiliency of portfolios in turbulent times.

Wang Wei
CEO Pacific Investments (China) Ltd.

In an ever-expanding world of data, meaningful conclusions can be difficult to reach. Well documented, recurring behavioral errors drive irrational actions in financial markets-behaviors that are often contrary to investor's best interests. Structural challenges also limit market efficiency. Together, these factors create mispricing on a global scale. This is where we find our advantage.

Pacific Investments applies fundamental insights to find attractive and unique investment opportunities. Our decisions are made based on empirical evidence and our processes are repeatable and transparent, and risk control is a central focus. We measure success by how effectively we attain our client's desired outcomes.
Responsible Investing is embedded in our investment approach.

A robust research function is critical to the enhancement of our forecast models and our client's investment results-through rigorous idea generation and ongoing refinement of existing frameworks. We believe in a diversified and scientific approach to innovation and focus our research efforts around three main categories:

Improving the manner in which we conduct research, with past examples including the development of an open architecture supported by a robust data infrastructure, uniform programming languages, expanded backtest environment, dynamic analytical tools, and multiple forms of attribution.

Exploring alternative investment strategies, particularly areas of interest differing from, but often related to, our core investment model. Examples include Managed Volatility, Long/Short, and Multi-Asset Class strategies.

Identifying characteristics and attributes that seek to predict returns for individual companies, segments, and markets, as well enhancing our existing signals.

Signal Consumption - Utilizing signals to construct portfolios and ensuring that we capture the optimal blend of exposures after accounting for real-world frictions (risk, costs, and portfolio restraints).


Wang Wei

Chief Executive Officer


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Chief Financial Officer

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Loan Officer

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