Responsible Investing

Everything's Future. Invest today. Change tomorrow.

Our goal

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations underpin all our investment activities. Our goal is to make a difference - for our clients, society and the wider world. ESG investment is about doing the right thing, while aiming to achieve our clients' long-term financial goals.

Active engagement

ESG investment is about active engagement, with the goal of improving the performance of assets we manage around the world. To do this, we have a team of over 50 ESG specialists spanning the globe. This on-the-ground resource means we can fully understand the investments we make for our clients, building detailed pictures of companies that we invest in and the markets in which we operate.

Our commitment

It starts with us, that's why on top of our financial responsibilities to our clients, as a company we have committed to:

To cut our greenhouse gas emissions from energy use by 50% by 2030

33% of our Board and executive population will be female by 2021

Where feasible, to remove all single-use plastics from our offices by 2021

To support our people with leading practices such as launching our new Parent Leave policy and piloting the innovative Living Hours programme.

We deliver tailored client solutions around the world