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Discretionary Wealth Management Services

Pacific Investments offers discretionary wealth management services dedicated to delivering client-focused solutions. Through Pacific Capital we work with private clients, family offices, financial advisers, accountants, solicitors, trustees and charities. A range of investment solutions are available, each capable of being tailored to match specific requirements..

The starting point of our wealth management service is working with clients to understand their long-term financial goals. Only after this do we construct appropriate and tailored solutions designed to meet their expectations. However, while client's needs may be unique, there are core features of our service which remain consistent:

Investment expertise
As part of Pacific Investments, we offer capabilities normally only accessible to institutional clients
Breadth of offering. An extensive range of offerings is available including sustainable, responsible and ethical solutions where this is a client consideration

Exceptional client service
 We understand that clients need peace of mind that their assets are being managed diligently and effectively by a team of investment experts. To provide this reassurance, we strive to deliver high levels of client service with dedicated managers committed to continually keeping their clients informed

As part of Pacific Investments
 Our managers have access to unrivalled levels of expertise and insights from over 40 investment professionals. This not only helps deliver strong investment performance but also enables us to continually adapt client portfolios as needs change.
As every client's needs are different, we seek to establish their priorities and financial objectives. The factors we consider include:

assets and liabilities
attitude to risk
return expectations
cash-flow requirements
investment horizon
personal priorities

After discussing priorities and investment goals, we will propose an appropriate investment solution. As far as possible, we are able to accommodate particular requirements into the end solution. Over time, circumstances and financial goals will change. We proactively work with clients to anticipate change and adapt their portfolios.

Pacific Funds

Many companies seeking funding say they want a different and better kind of partner.Someone to help them scale without taking control.To challenge them without driving them too hard, too fast.To treat them with the honesty, respect and empathy they deserve. We take pride in being more flexible, patient and supportive than any other provider.

We help discover sources of new growth potential then work in partnership to make a difference. We recognise that companies need more than just money. We provide practical and strategic support directly and also through access to our broader networks. We want you to focus on your business not on fundraising. We run a fast and focused process understanding your business and funding needs. We provide early feedback and practical suggestions for alternative options.

As a private fund and have our own private investor capital, we have the resources to fund projects globally. The minimum lending requirement is 500,000 USD|EURO to 100 million USD|EURO. We have the capability to fund upwards of 100 million USD|EURO by using our syndicated partners.

Pacific Investment is able to offer low interest rates and if necessary a grace period of repayment until a project has adequate cash flow. This is achieved by using our unique 100% funding program, which consists of 60% private lending and 40% private equity in the project. We will be happy to help you no matter what your funding requirements are. If you have been turned down by other financial institutions, all you need to do is call on us. As project financiers, we pride ourselves in using creative ways to provide the funding you require during these harsh economic times.


Solutions investing across multiple asset classes to achieve an optimal balance of risk and return

Client's objectives can rarely be met by investing in a single asset class. Instead, a portfolio that actively invests across multiple asset classes has more sources of potential return, can better adapt to changing market conditions and can diversify portfolio risk for a better overall experience. Our multi-asset experts are supported by over 25* asset class specialists, maintaining deep and continuous insight into equities, fixed income, real estate and alternatives. Our collaborative team ethos ensures insight is fully and effectively shared so we can create outcome-focused portfolios comprising the most compelling opportunities we can find across markets and asset classes.

Key benefits

Direct targeting of client specific goals
We support a spectrum of multi-asset strategies to target client goals and risk-reward requirements. These include diversified assets, absolute return, tactical asset allocation and traditional balanced solutions - all of which can be customised to meet specific client needs.

Consistency across the economic cycle
With flexibility to invest across an exceptionally broad range of asset classes, geographies and instruments our strategies can adapt to, and anticipate, changes in the economic climate, delivering a more consistent outcome.

A smoother investment journey
Our genuinely diversified portfolios spread risk to deliver a more predictable outcome, while our forward-looking risk management aims to provide a smoother investment journey.

Private Markets

Delivering a world of private markets opportunity

As one of the managers of private markets assets, we can give our clients access to unlisted investment opportunities worldwide.

At Pacific Investments, we offer investors extensive access to opportunities across all key private markets asset classes. Managing assets in private markets solutions worth around $1 billion with over 20 professionals dedicated to private markets*

Core beliefs drive client outcomes
All our activities across private markets are driven by three core beliefs:
. High-quality research and fundamental investment understanding underpins sustainable outperformance
. Connected, collaborative teams deliver better private markets investment outcomes by harnessing their collective expertise
. Embedding environmental, social and governance (ESG) and impact investing into the investment process is key to being an active and engaged manager of private markets assets.

By adhering to these three principles, we look to generate positive, reliable and sustainable outcomes for our clients throughout all market and economic conditions.

What we offer

Private markets assets are investments that are not traded on a public exchange or market. Whether considered individually or in combination, these assets can play an important role in helping our clients achieve their longer-term investment objectives.
There are three key reasons why we believe investors should consider making an allocation to private markets.

1. Potential for superior returns compared to traditional assets
It is widely accepted that an allocation to private markets can improve the risk-adjusted return potential of a long-term investment portfolio.
2. A lower correlation with other assets
One of the advantages of an allocation to private markets is the low correlation with other asset classes. This is particularly important in an environment where the performance and value of traditional asset classes, such as equities and bonds, come under pressure. In these circumstances, private markets assets should retain their ability to deliver a potential smoothing effect on total portfolio volatility and support more sustainable returns over the long term.
3. Effective portfolio diversification
An allocation to private markets can improve portfolio diversification. Spreading investment across public and private markets can maximise the potential
for returns while also spreading risk. As the chart below demonstrates, this can make for a more efficient portfolio that offers better returns without materially increasing the level of risk.
Private markets encompass a wide variety of investment opportunities, many of which are familiar and linked to our everyday lives. At Pacific Investments, we have the resource, expertise and experience to offer a range of strategies to meet all our client's needs.

Natural resources
We invest in natural resources including forestry, agriculture and energy production. Our capabilities span primaries, secondaries and co-investments.

We invest in significant infrastructure projects, such as roads, rail, bridges, power and water facilities. We primarily focus on direct concession and economic infrastructure.

Real estate
This involves commercial real estate investments, such as offices, retail (e.g. shopping centres and retail parks) and industrial buildings (e.g. distribution warehouses). We invest across direct real estate, listed real estate and multi-manager solutions.

World-class ESG and impact strategies
We aim to be one the industry leader in ESG and impact investment, helping to protect and enhance the value of our clients's investments, while contributing to a
more sustainable world.

Private markets solutions.
We also work in partnership with investors to create a variety of open-ended and tailored one-stop private markets solutions designed to meet our client's needs for capital growth, income yield and/or risk diversification

Private lending
This is debt provided directly to businesses, which is not traded on an exchange. It includes private placements, infrastructure loans and real estate loans. Our capabilities range from, asset-backed securities, to commercial real estate lending and infrastructure lending

Private Placement

A private placement is the private sale of debt or equity securities to qualified investors or institutions.

Businesses require capital to grow and expand. While established companies may finance growth with public equity offerings, bank debt, or internally generated funds, most young companies do not have the track record to take their business public and loans from traditional banking sources are often not available due to a lack of bankable assets. For such young firms, a private placement of debt or equity securities can provide the capital required to fuel growth.

Certain companies, even those with the ability to raise funds in the public markets, may opt instead to raise capital privately to avoid public scrutiny and the regulatory, accounting and financial burdens associated with being a public company.

The professional staff at Pacific Investments can help determine whether a private placement is achievable on satisfactory terms and if it is the most desirable approach. We will manage the entire process from authoring the placement memorandum to structuring, negotiating and closing the deal. Our roster of capital sources includes major financial institutions, private equity firms, family offices, mezzanine and equity funds and high net worth individuals.


Global Real Estate

Real estate has a robust track record of enhancing portfolio diversification and delivering strong risk-adjusted returns for investors.

At Pacific Investments, we offer expertise across all principal real estate sectors - enabling our clients to target opportunities in their home market and globally.

We have a deep understanding of real estate's ability to provide a wide variety of investment opportunities. We believe the asset class is unrivalled in its ability to deliver enhanced portfolio diversification and consistent, risk-adjusted returns over the long term.

Our success in real estate is built on deep local research, global insight and an active approach to investing and development of our real estate assets. In this way, we seek to enable our clients to benefit from global real estate themes such as demographic change, urbanisation, technology plus environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors.

Maximising opportunity from direct and indirect real estate using our scale and presence across local markets

Our global real estate capabilities

Real estate is the largest component of our private markets business, which also includes infrastructure, natural resources and private credit. We offer expertise across all principal real estate sectors - enabling our clients to target opportunities in their home market and globally. As one of the leading real estate managers, we have the deal flow and resources to enable clients to access the whole real estate value chain at every stage of the market cycle.

Our market presense

A real estate partner with global reach
As a major real estate investment manager, we can provide access to real estate opportunities across local markets worldwide.
We have extensive experience in delivering consistent, risk-adjusted returns from direct and indirect real estate, real estate multi-manager, listed real estate and real estate debt solutions for our real estate investors over the long term.

With a significant presence in the market, we are ranked as one of the largest real estate managers globally. We have real estate professionals covering investments, transactions and developments. They have a strong regional network of contacts and an "on-the-ground" understanding of local market conditions. Our approach is global but implemented locally.

The size of our real estate business combined with our presence in local markets makes us a key player globally. Agents approach us directly with investment opportunities that are often unavailable to smaller investors.

We believe that our global reach allows us to uncover more investment opportunities that have the potential to enhance investor's returns.

Expertise and experience with over 210* real estate investment, development, transaction and portfolio management professionals, we have a depth and breadth of experience across the globe. Our specialist teams have the necessary language skills, local contacts and expertise to really add value.

We have a well-established and long-term track record of investing in real estate markets. Over that time, we have demonstrated an ability to adapt to ever-changing market conditions, while producing competitive returns and innovative solutions for our clients.
Our experienced team offers clients a one-stop solution for their real estate needs. We can provide a complete, end-to-end service covering all aspects of real estate investing from research and risk analysis to tax, finance and development. Transaction teams use their knowledge and expertise to ensure we achieve the best deals possible.

High Net-worth Individuals

While wealth offers access to many forms of investment such as property, yacht ownership and aircraft ownership, it also provides unique challenges.

If you have in excess of 5 million US Dollars of liquid or semi-liquid assets, you are regarded by the international financial community as a high net worth individual. One of the biggest challenges you face is protecting and retaining your wealth!

Pacific Investments has provided thousands of high net-worth individuals with bespoke solutions that keep their assets secure.

As a high net-worth client making use of our services, you are assured absolute peace of mind that our services are delivered in full cognizance of national and international laws, cultures and traditions.

Quantitative Investments

We believe that persistent inefficiencies in capital markets present opportunities for risk-adjusted return. At Pacific Investments we look to harness this potential through our global quantitative investment capability.

Our team of over 15 quant specialists have developed a comprehensive range of clear rules-based approaches to generate systematic performance for our clients from equities, fixed income and derivatives.

Combining innovative research, investment theory and an in-depth understanding of sources of investment return, we seek to use our quant expertise to achieve our client's risk-return goals reliably, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Key benefits

PI Quantitative Investing Capabilities

Beyond indexation
With our experience in quant-based strategies, we have since developed a range of solutions to achieve excess return in a consistent and efficient way.
Environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations are embedded throughout our investment process to enhance returns, mitigate downside risk and support our role as responsible investors.

Factor-driven approach
We focus on 'factor premia' - stock characteristics shown to be persistent drivers of excess return, such as value, quality, momentum and low volatility. Our BETTER Beta range uses factor 'tilts' to target above-benchmark returns without additional risk. Our SMARTER Beta strategies concentrate factor exposure to maximise risk-adjusted return.

Strategic Client Solutions

Client investment needs often go beyond pure asset management. Many want an experienced partner that can help them address key strategic challenges such as increased regulatory requirements, cost pressures or the impact of low interest rates and subdued investment returns.

Our Strategic Client Solutions team helps clients to address these and many other challenges. By working in close partnership, the team looks at each challenge holistically in the context of a client's overall business and long-term goals.

Through this highly bespoke approach, we have become a trusted partner to pension funds, insurers, wealth managers and sovereign wealth funds in Europe, the US, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Key Benefits

Pacific Investments Strategic Client Solutions

Client empathy
Our experienced portfolio managers have a range of backgrounds - from insurance and banking, to pensions and consultancy. Our empathy with the challenges and pressures that clients face drives us to develop and deliver solutions in the context of each client's own regulatory framework and investment history,

Harnessing global resources
We harness Pacific Investments full global investment resources, providing access to investment specialists, macro and market insights, operational support and risk oversight.

Helping to simplify
Whether it is insight on a specific issue, ongoing advice or fiduciary management, our solutions are there to make life easier for each client.

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Our DISCOVER Omega strategy, uses artificial intelligence to beat market returns through dynamic factor timing.


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